A region in the focus of investors

Even in times of crisis there are growing companies. When looking for good locations, however, they change their criteria – to the advantage of the Rhine-Main region.

Also promotes Frankfurt in Berlin: Eric Menges, Managing Director of Frankfurt / Rhein-Main

EIt’s a little different when you look out the window, and it has been for months. Eric Menges’ office is in the immediate vicinity of Frankfurt Airport, and that’s why planes from all over the world fly in here at regular intervals, above the top floor of the office building on Frankfurt’s Unterschweinstiege. For the head of the regional location marketing agency Frankfurt / Rhein-Main, that’s everyday life, actually. But since the outbreak of the corona pandemic in Germany, the planes above his office have become a rarity.

“Corona, the airport, Lufthansa, we are very concerned about that,” says Menges. As the top location marketer for Frankfurt and the region, looking at the starving air traffic is definitely an issue for him, in two respects. After all, Menges’ job is to relocate companies to the region, and the airport, with its many international connections, is usually a powerful argument. Conversely, Menges and his employees travel a lot during the year, usually. “I haven’t flown a single time this year,” says Menges, and how unusual that is for him is shown by the following sentence: “This is totally insane.”