Hol’s ab!

Order online or by phone and pick up the goods later in the store – retailers hope that this will remain possible despite the mandatory break. Supermarkets and delicatessen stores also rely on “Click & Collect” during the Christmas season.

Shop faster: Customers can also pick up online orders in the Rewe store in the new Gateway Gardens quarter at Frankfurt Airport.

SDuring the Corona period, consumers want and should do their everyday shopping quickly, if possible without much contact with others. And so many customers now dare to order food on the Internet who are otherwise rather skeptical about freshness and quality. E-food has been a niche for years. The distances to the nearest supermarket are too short, and the customer who is afraid of additional delivery costs is too spoiled for prices. It is difficult for companies to earn money with it. Now, however, industry representatives are talking about a breakthrough in online business.

With an expected growth of almost 69 percent, according to the figures of the Federal Association of E-Commerce and Mail Order in the current quarter, food is the range that is growing the most online. In the spring, growth rates of almost 90 percent were even achieved. Experts consider the development to be sustainable. Providers who have to put customers on the waiting list are expanding their capacities. According to market observers, dealers who have so far avoided the Internet are also active, many behind the scenes. Aldi, for example, is testing e-food abroad, Kaufland collection stations in Poland, as the “Lebensmittel Zeitung” reports. “We are closely monitoring developments in the e-food sector,” says a spokeswoman for the Hessian organic supermarket operator Alnatura, who has so far only sold its items online through retail partners.