Heil wants to extend the easier Hartz IV purchase until the end of 2021

The application for Hartz IV is simplified until the end of the year. But Minister of Labor Heil thinks: “We do not want to bother these people from January 1st”. And the Verdi boss calls for a lockdown bonus for Hartz IV recipients.

Labor Minister Hubert Heils (SPD) visits an exhibition builder

BUnemployment Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) wants to continue simplified access to Hartz IV benefits in the Corona crisis until the end of next year. The easier application is currently limited to the end of 2020, but that will not be enough, the SPD politician told the newspapers of the Funke media group (Friday). “The regulation must be extended until the end of next year.”

The minister explained that the measure is aimed particularly at many self-employed people who have completely lost their earnings in the pandemic, as well as at employees who had not earned well before the pandemic and who now have severe loss of income due to short-time work and need supplementary basic security. “We don’t want to bother these people from January 1st with an asset test or with the question of whether their living space is possibly too big.”

The government had only extended easier access to Hartz IV until the end of 2020 at the beginning of September. The assets of those affected are therefore only checked to a limited extent by the job centers. Actual costs for accommodation and heating are recognized. There are simplifications for the approval of provisional benefits.

Verdi boss Frank Werneke is also demanding a bonus for Hartz IV recipients for the time of the existing partial lockdown in Germany. Since the provision of food by the food banks is currently not working, many recipients of basic security are not able to make ends meet, said Werneke. Therefore, there should be a surcharge of 150 euros on the standard rates at least for the month of November. Werneke thus joined the corresponding demands of charities. Extensive contact restrictions to contain the corona pandemic in Germany will apply from next Monday.